Monday, March 14, 2011

Potentially Groundbreaking Alzheimer's Study: Liver, Not Brain Source of Plaque?

Alzheimer's disease has perplexed scientists and researchers for years due to its complex and debilitatitng nature.  Not only is it difficult to diagnose, but symptoms of the disease are similar of many other forms of dementia.  A new study suggests the liver -- not the brain -- may be the organ for medical professionals to focus upon.

Read this excerpt from the article, here:  
"Unexpected results . . . could completely alter scientists' ideas about Alzheimer's disease—pointing to the liver instead of the brain as the source of the "amyloid" that deposits as brain plaques associated with this devastating condition. The findings could offer a relatively simple approach for Alzheimer's prevention and treatment."
For more on Alzheimer's Disease, see our recent blog post here; we discuss the unlikely cast of characters uniting to fight the disease. 

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