Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Consumer Reports Probes DIY Estate Planning

Recently, a probe into do-it-yourself estate planning was conducted by the highly respected and objective magazine Consumer Reports.

Members of the Consumer Reports team created three Wills using downloads and worksheets that you can purchase from three of the most popular websites that sell fill-in-the-blanks legal documents.  They presented these Wills to a panel of three legal professors.

The documents got three thumbs down because:
•    the professors found information that was not current;
•    users were not able to customize the documents appropriately;
•    the sites lacked flexibility and had incomplete information;
•    it was possible to include conflicting clauses in the documents.

Even if the online documents were perfect, estate planning is about much more than getting the documents right. Sometimes the documents are right and they still don’t work because your financial affairs are not in sync with them. It can get rather complicated, and it takes a Certified Elder Law Attorney, such as Evan H. Farr, to help you plan effectively. The Fairfax Estate Planning Law Firm of Evan H. Farr, P.C. can help you leave your hard earned money and assets, as well as a sense of your values, to your loved ones. Call us today at 703-691-1888 to set up an appointment for a no-cost consultation.


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