Friday, March 22, 2013

Does your family know your Advance Medical Directives exist (and where to find them)?

Incapacity Planning documents, including a Financial Power of Attorney and Advance Medical Directive, only do what you want them to do if your loved ones know they exist and can locate them when needed.

What if you don’t want to be hooked up to machines or be subjected to other medical heroics when you are in an end-stage medical condition?  If your loved ones or medical professionals cannot find your Advance Directive, the burden is on your loved ones to decide whether or not to begin or continue life support.
At The Fairfax Elder Law Firm of Evan H. Farr, P.C., we offer a service called DocuBank to ensure that that the documents you've completed will be there when you need them most, such as when you are hospitalized.  DocuBank is an electronic storage and access service for healthcare directives.  DocuBank stores all of your Advance Medical Directives, including your Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, HIPAA Release, Organ Donor Form, Funeral Arrangements, and All Other Advance Directives, so they are available whenever you need them.

Every adult over the age of 18 should have an Incapacity Plan that includes a Financial Power of Attorney, an Advance Medical Directive, and an Advance Care Plan. If you don’t have an Incapacity Plan in place, now is the time to get started.  Call us today at 703-691-1888 to set up an appointment for a no-cost consultation. 

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