Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit: What is the “Eligibility Verification Report?”

An important document for the veterans entitled to the Aid and Attendance benefit is a form called the “Eligibility Verification Report” (EVR) which VA sends at the beginning of the year and must be filled out every year in order to continue receiving benefits.

Even when someone receives help from a loved-one when it comes to filing this form, it isn’t uncommon for just the veteran to receive correspondence from VA. 

Many people are not aware that once applied for and receiving the benefit the “EVR” has to be completed yearly to keep it. One concern to address is that if income or assets increased the past year, the benefit may be reduced or eliminated. On the other hand, if medical expenses have increased since the last year, the benefit may also increase.

For more on the Aid and Attendance Benefit, view the Aid and Attendance FAQ.

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