Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Obama v. GOP: Healthcare showdown

When President Obama took office two years ago, the GOP had much more than a mere inkling that a healthcare overhaul was on the horizon.  Fast-forward to the final days of 2010, and an attempt at a repeal may be just around the corner. 

It comes as no surprise that healthcare is still a hot topic - but there is a twist - many did not predict the upcoming degree of Republican control in the House. 

Aside from the mega-issue of healthcare, there are other pressing issues too; national debt; national security; internet freedom; and global warming.  But according to The Hill, the healthcare debate is at the very top of the list as far as points of contention go in early 2011.

The Hill today said Republicans in the House will remain firm with their intentions to repeal Obama’s healthcare law early in 2011.  But the Democrats do maintain control of the Senate, which means that the GOP may have to resort to devices aimed at thwarting the bill indirectly through tightfisted budgetary tactics.     
We reported last week that the Supreme Court will likely have to decide whether the key provision of the healthcare law requiring mandatory insurance is constitutional.  According to CNN, “a new national poll indicates that a majority of Americans oppose that provision in the bill Congress passed earlier this year.”  Only 38% of those surveyed are on-board.

Besides the mandatory insurance uncertainty that will take some time to sort out, what will Democrats do in the mean time to prevent the GOP from hampering the healthcare law? If the law becomes deadlocked, there is a good chance that Americans will still see some form of the bill come to fruition; it just may come with conceded spending cuts elsewhere.   

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